So why are we so hesitant to impinge on the rights of anti-maskers and vaxxers?

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Then why are so many Republicans discouraging vaccinations?

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If you fail to set boundaries, the only person you should be angry with is yourself.

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Although sexism is problematic, depictions of sexism don’t have to be problematic, if done responsibly

Ross his with his son Ben, who is holding a Barbie. Ross is asking his ex-wife Carol “What’s my son doing with a barbie?”
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Structural inequities in the US are affecting who has the easiest access to vaccines

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Elliot Stabler may elicit sympathy for renegade cops, which would endanger the Black Lives Matter Movement

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Why I can walk up to a stranger and say “I have a knife”, and receive a thank you in return

A knife
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Why didn’t the Democrats consider cost of living when drafting the bill?

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Currently, our election system benefits politicians who don’t represent the views of all their constituents

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In Stranger Things, they had to water down the truth about Hawkins Lab. Now, the crazier the conspiracy theory, the better.

Nancy and Jonathan come to see Murray Bauman, and bring him the bottle of vodka that sparks his brilliant idea. Image via Netflix.

Adeetee Bhide

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